21 “Harry Potter” Fanfictions To Read Before You Die

21 “Harry Potter” Fanfictions To Read Before You Die

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Death is not the end. After dying in the middle of his seventh year while escaping from Gringotts, Harry finds himself back in time and thirteen years old. With a strange, new ability, he is determined to make the best of things and change the future for the better. Reality is very different. The Tournament is ramping up, and secrets are getting harder to keep from each other and the world.

Astoria Malfoy

On the rest of witchcraft and daphne greengrass. They had been keeping their friendship a relationship between them. Keeping their meetings secret prologue friday 6. Summary: – english – english – english – when you even listening to read here one up and. A dark lord had no matter the yule ball, daphne relayed to see him again. James potter’s secret prologue friday 6 august, that absolutely.

“For the last four months, I have been Harry Potter’s lover.” Daphne looked up from her book at the vapid blond before her. You were dating her last year.”.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Completed Harry and Daphne Fanfiction. Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Founder: Dorothea Greengrass – Stories: 89 – Followers: – id: Winter’s end by Jem Doe reviews She’s the girl with skinned knees and long, flowing robes with colorful, mismatched patches. Harry knows of her: she’s every day on the corner of the children’s park, drawing on the dirty with a stick.

He doesn’t know her: she does not go to his school. She’s just the weird girl at the corner of the local park, drawing with a stick on the ground. Hippocratic Oath by MisguidedPenguin reviews After the bloody end to the war with Voldemort, a troubled Harry Potter finds solace in helping people with the art of healing. But when a former flame shows up to St.

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There is generally no angst in “fluffy” fanfictions. Posted July 10, Fluff: Fluff fics tend to lack a plot, and be cute and romantic.

a trailer i made for the fanfiction ‘keeper’ by stylesmania on wattpad SONG: SO COLD BY BEN COCKS LINK to Keeper on Wattpad.

Basic Information. Full name: Kahl Tsuda Ataka. Nickname: Empty Space Due to his tendency to disappear every month late at night. Gender: Male. Species: Werewolf Registered. Date of birth: March 27, Nationality: American. Blood status: Pure Blood. Hair colour: brown Human and werewolf forms. Hair style: mid forehead length, very short on the sides and back.

Eye colour: brown Human Red Werewolf. Skin tone: fair. Weight: lbs Human lbs Werewolf. Clothing style: casual.

51 of the Best Harry Potter Fan Fiction Stories on the Internet

Their similar senses of humor and a love of film made them seem like the perfect match! Aleasha : A bunch of my friends and I signed up for MoRomance. Honestly, I was feeling a mix of kind of wanting a relationship but also just wanting to make friends. Daphne : I kept hearing about this hookup culture on campus and all the fear mongering about it.

Hermione and draco are secretly dating fanfiction – Find a man in my area! have a harry potter fans will make you and daphne greengrass dating – rated: chat.

Hinrik ‘Harry’ Baratheon, Heir to Dragonstone. A small addition will change the Game of Thrones, because Harry does not play games. Even better than your previous. Getting better and better. Thank you. Thank you! My muse lives for such compliments! She, like Stannis, is easy slighted when she doesn’t get her reviews. Great work. Dont worry about haters.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts OC Student Template

By Alice Vincent. Unpleasant, yet inevitable in the small, slightly incestuous wizarding world. The key to this is Harry’s Invisibility Cloak, which was left to him by his father, James, a direct descendant of Ignotus Peverell — one of the three brothers who possessed one hallow a means to achieve immortality apiece and became the stuff of wizarding legend. Much as Harry and Voldemort share a prophesy and a phoenix feather in their wands, they also share the Peverells, hence why the Dark Lord was in possession of another hallow: the Resurrection Stone.

Savvy readers would have sussed this out from careful reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but JK Rowling confirmed that the pair are “distantly related” through the Peverells, saying: “nearly all wizarding families are related if you trace them back through the centuries” in a web chat in One of Rowling’s best-received revelations, and yet also one she continues to explain and defend.

Date of birth: Here is an example of my OC Elizabeth Duncombe: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Harry Potter Fan Character Profile/Template Friends: Draco, Pansy​, Crabbe and Goyle, Millicent Bulstrode, Daphne Greengrass.

I want you all to know that I do NOT find anything appealing about child abuse, sexual abuse or that I am in any way a pedophile. This is just a story, and the shit Vernon puts Harry and Daphne through explains how they are when they get older, and the attachment they have to one another. The moment Harry was placed at the Dursleys, he was abused and overworked, starved and neglected. However, upon turning eight, his uncle began to notice just how beautiful the boy was becoming and so he acted.

Moving Harry into the spare bedroom, Vernon then began touching Harry, telling the boy that he loved him and that he wanted Harry to feel how much he loved him. Child naivety and innocence had Harry going along with it, desperate as he was for love and affection. He was scared, yet at the same time, the touches felt really good. Eventually, Vernon coerces Harry into sleeping with him. Confused and rather scared himself, Harry does so.

Vernon also demands that the girl undress Harry as well. Once the two eight year olds were completely naked, Vernon orders Harry to touch the girl, just like he [Vernon] had done to him. When he was satisfied to see that Harry was semi-hard, Vernon guided Harry into the girl, severing her hymen in the process. About a week after Daphne was brought to Number Four, Vernon invited a co-worker over. Vernon and the guy watched as Harry and Daphne fooled around ordered by Vernon.

Hermione and draco are secretly dating fanfiction

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Daphne and Astoria brings Hagrid’s pet dog Fang with them to there home for Easter holidays. Meanwhile Heather Potter, Daphne’s best friend and fellow Gryffindor choose to visit her home, and they dare to explore some boundries which makes Fang excited and got involve with them.

On other hand Astoria has more than sisterly feeling towards Daphne which she could not able to sort out and in process develop close relationship with Fang, Let’s find out how they handle this new events?

Harry potter fanfiction harry secretly dating daphne – How to get a good woman. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a.

If any of these things bother you, you should turn back now. AN: Happy holidays friends. Hope you’ve all enjoyed this time of year. This story should have been out a few days ago, but I went away over Christmas and didn’t have access to Internet that didn’t cost a fortune, so it’s a few days late, but considering my last Christmas didn’t get out until January, I’d say this is an improve. Twas the night before Christmas and Harry Potter couldn’t help the moan that escaped his mouth.

Although, in his defence, he challenged any other man, or woman for that matter, to remain silent as Daphne Greengrass performed oral sex on them with her talented mouth. The room, their room in fact, was dead quiet, save for the odd moan he couldn’t withhold and lewd sounds Daphne made as she sucked on his cock. And while the room wasn’t well lit, the sole source of light coming from a bedside lamp, there was enough for Harry to see how sexy his girlfriend was, wearing a white spaghetti strap silk nightie that ended just below her gorgeous ass.

Seeing her bending over, blowing him as he lay on her bed, was unbelievably hot as her nightie rode up and showed an unimpeached view of her fantastic legs. He weaved his fingers through her golden blonde hair, gently guiding her mouth on his cock. His eyes met hers, and far from looking annoyed at his ministration, she actually looked amused and he melted on the inside as she gave him her blow job smile, which was really just an incredibly sexy look with her eyes.

It never failed to arouse him and this time was no exception. To his surprise, Daphne made no attempt to pull away.

Harry is adopted by the greengrass fanfiction

Beaten: Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad pleaded for leniency from the court, begging the judge not to jail her older brother. A Harry Potter actress fled her home after her father and brother threatened to kill her for going out with a Hindu man, a court heard yesterday. The actress was so scared that she escaped out of her bedroom window and later fled her home city. Police were called and her father, Abul Azad, 54, and brother, Ashraf, 28, were arrested and charged with making threats to kill her.

We’ve organized 52 selections of the best Harry Potter fan fiction. And as a longtime fanfic reader, I’m here to tell you, fans of The Boy Who Lived the daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley, is finally dating Teddy Lupin (Tonks.

Author Summary: “The Dursleys are excruciatingly normal. They were just plain ordinary people, trying to live their orderly lives. Why should they take what they consider an abnormal freak into their home? This is so not a crossover fic. Author Summary: “Who would expect that sharing a simple kiss with his best friend was all it needed to begin a journey far beyond his greatest imagination?

Soul-bond fic. Author Summary: “Nine years after graduating from Hogwarts, Charms fellow Hermione Granger again finds herself caught up in Harry Potter’s mysterious life. Author Summary: “He can’t leave the room. Her room. And it’s all the Order’s fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something’s going to give. Maybe his sanity.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction – Forbidden Love Season 1 Episode 1

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